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    Getting outdoors and staying active in the summer is wonderful but don't forget about recovery. Receiving regular massage treatments will reduce soreness and the risk of injury while you run, bike, climb, jump, or simply play in the warm weather.

    No matter what activity you enjoy, we're here to help!

I had a competition two weeks away that I didn't think I would be able to attend. Fortunately, I found Charm City Massage and after only two sessions, I was almost completely pain free; pain free enough to compete and WIN the competition!
I would recommend Charm City Massage to anyone looking for a different approach to pain relief. I am now back to almost 100% and credit them for getting me there. - Angie, CrossFit coach

Thank you! I have not felt this good in weeks. I stopped any squatting and deadlifting exercises in August because of my hip and my back - obviously both are related. I have tried foam rolling, soft balls....some relief but not nearly enough. And now, for the past two days, my warm ups have felt great...Today, after each set, nothing. Nothing. No twinge. No spasm. Nothing....Things were just really, really tight and you managed to get me to open up and release all of that junk.
- Emily S., gym owner

Wow, I can really see some differences already. I am most aware of my body during yoga (no surprise), so there was one huge thing I noticed during Bikram last night. Usually I have my face at about 45 degrees, half smooshed into the floor (on the right side).  Last night I could turn it so I could actually breathe!  It felt like a small miracle!
- Hilary B., yoga apparel store owner

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