Your massage session with us may be different from what you’ve experienced with other manual therapists. Our methodology is based on the principal that movement must accompany fascial and muscular change. During your session you will often be asked to move, breath, stretch, actively resist and do some movement re-education. By immediately processing the work, your body will integrate things faster so you will move easier and perform better.

Introductory Massage

We know that trying a new place for massage therapy can be an intimidating experience. The easiest way we can help make the decision a little less intimidating is to drop the price.

Our Introductory rate is only $75 for 60-minutes.

Plus, we always provide plenty of time before and after the session for you to talk with your therapist and ask any questions you may have. We’re confident that the service you receive at Charm City Massage will exceed your expectations.

Massage Options

Once you’ve completed your Introductory session, we have a few options for you. Here’s a brief overview of what we offer and how you can save money by visiting us on a regular basis.


Recovery Package
(2 Sessions)

Monthly Membership
(3 Sessions in 3 months)

No discount

Save $25

Save $10/session

$90 for 60-minutes

Perfect for quick results
on acute issues

Perfect for regular treatments

$110 for 75-minutes

Must be used within
four weeks of purchase.

One massage/month
for three months.

$130 for 90-minutes

One-time payment
(Extra packages may be
bought for more treatments)

Contract with auto-renewal

60-min: $155

75-min: $195

90-min: $235

60-min: $240

75-min: $300

90-min: $360

How to Choose the Best Option for You


  • First time client
  • No commitment
  • Prefer only occasional massage


  • Currently suffering from musculoskeletal issue
  • Need massage to encourage proper healing
  • Want fast relief from pain and discomfort


  • No acute injury but need relief of chronic tightness or repetitive stress issues
  • Prefer regular schedule of massage for health maintenance
  • Enjoy set time with preferred therapist each month

Specialty Massage

In addition to our regular massage treatments, our therapists also offer a couple extra modalities:

Fertility Massage

Many couples struggle to conceive naturally and are looking for alternative therapies. Geoff has studied with Claire Marie Miller who’s been helping women conceive for three decades. The fertility massage session can be a stand-alone treatment or used in conjunction with IVF and other conception plans. The goal is to increase your chances of a successful conception by removing scar tissue and fascial adhesions around the pelvis and abdomen. The various parts of this service include:

  • Craniosacral holds
  • Reflexology of the hands and feet
  • Myofascial Release of the pelvis
  • Acupressure meridians along the back

Pregnancy Massage

A pre-natal massage is a great gift to keep Mommy and baby happy. It’s important during your pregnancy to keep your stress levels low and to manage the physical changes that come along with the growth of your baby. The massage session is primarily done side-lying and using pillows as bolsters for the legs and arms. You’ll feel weightless as you enjoy this 60-minute session.

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