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Charm City Massage is not just a place for quality massage. The studio also has a room dedicated to performance training with corrective exercise equipment and tools. Geoff loves to coach clients in the best training methods and Links to each of these performance training services are provided below.

Movement Screen
Two very smart physical therapists, Gray Cook and Lee Burton, came up with a simple method of analyzing movement to search for the asymmetries and movement dysfunction that might lead to an acute injury or a chronic problem. The system is called the Functional Movement Screen and it consists of 7 basic movement patterns that correlate to how well you move right now.
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Flexibility Training
One major concern as we get older is losing our flexibility. The
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Distance Running
Geoff spent over 10 years running and racing in the Northern Virginia / DC area. His major accomplishments included two sub-4 hour marathons, a sub 45-minute 10K, and a sprint distance triathlon. He completed his running certification through the Road Runners Club of America and now enjoys training others to reach their running and endurance goals.
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Paleo Nutrition
Have you been puzzled about the term Paleo? What does it mean to eat like a caveman? The idea has spread quickly and has had a growing amount of publicity in the last year. The basics of Paleo boil down to a few simple concepts:

  • No Grains
  • No Dairy
  • No Legumes
  • No Sugar

Does this diet seem too restrictive? Do you argue about the elimination of grains or the obvious reliance on meats? Geoff will
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Exercise for Dancers
Dancer text.
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Functional Training for Golfers
Golfer text.
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